Waitlist Process / Procedures

Depending on membership levels, the club may have a wait list for Swim and Tennis memberships and/or Tennis only memberships.

Our membership levels are currently capped by the Board of Directors at 305 Swim and Tennis memberships and 55 Tennis Only memberships.

This is subject to change at the boards discretion, up to the operating agreement maximum of 325 Swim and Tennis memberships and 100 Tennis only memberships. Each membership type will have its own waitlist as necessary. The board’s goal in setting membership caps is to balance enjoyment of the facilities by members vs financial needs of the club.

Our waitlist priority is first come, first served for all. New members, inactive members, and tennis only converting to swim and tennis memberships will all fall on the same waitlist.

When a membership type is subject to a waitlist there will be a $50 administrative fee to join. This fee will be charged each year in February you are on the waitlist and if not paid within 30 days will result in being removed from the waitlist. This fee is to cover admin costs and maintain a list fresh and accurate.

Active members are required to renew their membership by January 31 of each year, with payment received or account on file for direct debit. If they have not renewed they will lose their active membership spot to a waitlist member (if on a waitlist). Members on direct debit are considered active and current.

Beginning February 1 of each year, waitlist members will be notified of membership availability. Waitlist members will be given 1 week to arrange payment after notification of availability, before their membership option is given to the next spot on the waitlist. It is the responsibility of the waitlist member to maintain their contact information and look for emails and social media communications.

If there is a waitlist, mid-year cancellations of dues by current members will be allowed if a waitlist member converts to active membership at equal membership level (swim and tennis for swim and tennis / tennis only for tennis only, if each type is on waitlist). Cancelling members will get 50% of outstanding dues refunded, prorated by remaining full months in the calendar year.

To join the waitlist and apply for membership please submit an application here.

At this time, common units are not redeemable, per the requirements outlined in our operating agreement. If an active member sells their home and transfers the common unit, the new owner can join and avoid the waitlist. Any inactive member that sells their home and transfers their common unit would join the waitlist.