Welcome to your Cardinal Swim and Tennis Club!

Our club is member owned and volunteer run, so we want to empower members to take ownership if they want to see something that is currently not offered. The Board wants you to get as much value as you can out of your Membership. As with many things, your participation is key.  From all the tennis and pickleball options, to all the activities at the pool, there are so many ways for you to be involved and enjoy your Club!

To start enjoying your membership please finish setup of your Membership Account. Instructions to that can be found at the end of this page. Remember that once you add members to email us to mark them active.

Next, the easiest way to stay up to date on club happenings is to go like our Facebook and Instagram page at www.facebook.com/CardinalSwimandTennis and www.instagram.com/cardinalswimandtennis. You can also check out the events calendar on our website https://cardinalswimandtennis.com/calendar.

For all things Tennis, our Director of Racquet Sports Derrick Gamble is your contact. He can be reached at derek@cardinalswimandtennis.com. Please feel free to take advantage of all the group classes, leagues, junior clinics and training programs that he and his team offer, including Pickleball! Derek can provide information on how to reserve court time as well.

For all things pool, our Pool Manager is Darrel Stultz. Either he, or one of his assistant manager / head guards will be at the pool daily during the season. But you can always reach out to the board at info@cardinalswimandtennis.com with questions. We do not have membership cards to visit the pool, simply give your name to the lifeguard at the check-in desk. Don’t forget to pre-buy guest passes, as those cannot be purchased at the desk.

If you have a child interested in the summer swim team, we have options for early swimmers just starting out with our Chirps Swim Program (usually ages 4-6), all the way through high school (swimmers and volunteer coaches). Preseason swim generally starts around March/April and the season kicks off in June. It’s a really great way for kids to make new friends and increase confidence in the water. Reach out to the swim team at swimteam@cardinalswimandtennis.com for more info. Follow their Instagram page at www.instagram.com/cardinalswimteam_ and request to join their Facebook Page www.facebook.com/groups/cardinal.swim.team.

The best way to catchup on what’s been happening at the club is to review past emails. After logging in to your account they can be found in our archive. Please reach out to info@cardinalswimandtennis.com with any questions or suggestions on how we can make our Club better. As a new member you bring a new perspective, which is vital. You can find a list of our hardworking, volunteer Board of Directors and other key people here.

We think you’ll really enjoy your Club and everything it offers. We look forward to seeing you having some fun in the sun this year!


Account Setup Instructions

An important part of being a member is making sure your account is set-up and is up to date. This is the information we use to email you club announcements and also where you can go to buy guest passes, nanny passes, and in the future make club reservations, among other things.

To log into your new account please complete the following steps:

1. Go to www.cardinalswimandtennis.com and click on the Member Login link at the top right of the page.

2. The username for your account is the username you entered in the application . The password for your account is what you entered in the application. The account shares this username and password for all members. If you ever lose your password you can use the password reset link, but this requires a valid email address on file. You can store one email address per adult member by clicking the edit icon next to their name on the account management screen, allowing them to receive club emails.

3. Add and delete members: only the main member pre-populates. To do so, click the “Add Member” box and add any members needed. If you need to delete a member, click on the “Delete” icon next to each member and delete. Please remember, all members must have the same permanent household address. Once you add members please email us to get them marked active. 

4. Edit all info for each member. Only basic info carries over for the billing member, so please update all member info, including birthdays. To do so, click on the pencil icon next to each member’s name and edit phone, email, gender, member type and/or date of birth. Once you have added all your members, please let me know so I can mark them paid.

5. Upload a head shot of each individual in your family membership under their name.  To do so, click on Manage Account, Account Details, add each photo by clicking on the “edit” icon after each member’s name.  Please use a close up headshot or cropped face photo, similar to that of a passport. We require every member to have a picture on file. 

6. Update account address information as necessary.

7. Add emergency contact info. To do so, click on the “edit” icon next to emergency contact info and add the correct info.

8. Select if you want to be included in the online member directory.