The Board of Directors established these rules of the Cardinal Swim and Tennis Club (“The Club”) for the benefit and protection of all Members and their guests.  They were established to ensure proper operation of the facility and to provide wholesome recreation for the club members, their families and guests.  Pool hours or rules may be changed by the Board of Directors if deemed necessary.  Any suggestions for improving pool operations or safety should be submitted to

Section A: Enforcement of Rules

The pool manager and lifeguards have the authority to enforce all rules and regulations and are empowered to impose on-the-spot penalties as necessary.  Unsafe behavior will not be tolerated.  Serious and/or repeated violations will be reported to the Board of Directors for additional action as deemed necessary.  Members, their children and guests are expected to show proper courtesy and fully cooperate with pool staff at all times.

Section B: Pool Hours

A list of pool dates and times will be posted on the pool bulletin board and on our website.  Use of the pool and its facilities is prohibited except during the scheduled hours and by reservation for private functions. The presence of a lifeguard is required any time the pool is used. After hours trespassers will be prosecuted. The pool may be closed for maintenance, severe weather, or operational needs whenever such action is necessary in the judgment of the Board of Directors and/or the Pool Manager.  The Club may be closed for Swim Team or other special functions as needed but on a limited basis only.

Section C: Pool Membership Identification

Each member of The Club must check-in at the front desk (no ID cards are issued).  Members are required to have a picture uploaded to their account for each member. Please be prepared to show your ID card or a digital image of the card from your cell phone when arriving to the pool if asked.  Abuse of the check-in process will be subject to immediate disciplinary action, including suspension and termination of membership.

Section D: General Pool Rules

  1. All members and guests shall use the pool at their own risk.  The Club and/or its employees assume no responsibility for injury or damage resulting from such use.
  2. All users of the pool must conduct themselves in a courteous manner at all times.
  3. Absolutely no abusive language, boisterous conduct or breach of peace will be tolerated.
  4. The Club is not responsible for articles left on the premises.  Lost and found articles will be donated or discarded on a weekly basis. The Club is not liable for any theft, damage or loss of personal property.
  5. Each member is responsible for seeing that there is no littering on pool property.  Please use trash and recycling receptacles which are placed at regular intervals around the pool deck.
  6. Property damage caused by a member, his/her family or guest will be charged to the responsible family’s membership.
  7. Appropriate swim attire is required.  No street clothes, cutoff shorts, thongs, Brazilian swim suits, or undergarments, etc. are to be used as swim wear.
  8. Food is not allowed closer than 5 feet from the pool. Please be cautious of drinks in and around the pool.
  9. Skating and skateboarding are not allowed in the pool area.
  10. Members and guests are not allowed to store personal property in the pool cabana at any time.
  11. The reserving of individual or multiple pool chairs and tables is strictly prohibited, except for our designated party areas with board approval. We kindly ask that you respect other members by not reserving chairs or tables for members or guests who are not with you upon your arrival.
  12. The use of any tobacco products is strictly prohibited anywhere on club property (Pool, tennis and other grounds). This includes but not limited to cigarettes / e-cigarettes / cigars / vaping (nicotine or water-based) / chewing & dip tobacco.
  13. Alcoholic beverages are permitted for members and guests 21 years of age and older in accordance with our brown bag policy. Persons who are visibly intoxicated will not be allowed on the premises and will be asked to leave.
  14. No bicycles, chairs (other than camp style canvas chairs on busy weekends), tables, or other foreign objects will be allowed in the pool or on the deck.  Any member who violates this rule is financially responsible for any damages incurred.
  15. No open flames, candles, incense candles, fireworks (including sparklers / poppers) or anything similar are allowed at the facility. Birthday candles are allowed if extinguished quickly after lighting.
  16. No chalk, sidewalk paint, or other art supplies are allowed to be used on the property. This includes the pool deck and sidewalks.

Section E: Health and Safety

  1. All persons are reminded to take a shower before entering the pool.
  2. Any person having a skin disease, wearing a bandage, having nasal or ear discharge, inflamed eyes, severe skin abrasions, infections, or any communicable diseases shall be restricted from the pool.
  3. Children who are not toilet trained must wear specially designed swimming diapers.  Regular disposable diapers are not acceptable for use in either pool.
  4. The introduction of bodily wastes into the pool is prohibited.  This includes spitting and/or blowing noses.
  5. Boisterous or rough play, riding on shoulders, running and yelling are not permitted in or around the pool. Pushing and/or dunking of other swimmers and imitating a drowning person will not be tolerated.
  6. No loitering or playing around in the bathrooms will be allowed. Children who are reported for playing in the showers will be subject to the discipline policy.
  7. Holding, pulling or otherwise handling of the lane ropes is not permitted.
  8. Lifelines and other pool safety devices are for lifesaving purposes only and may only be handled by the lifeguard staff.
  9. No one other than authorized personnel shall be permitted on the lifeguard stands.  Lifeguards may sit in singly-placed chairs while guarding the pool.  There will be no unnecessary conversation with the lifeguards while they are on duty.
  10. Animals and pets, except guide/service animals, are not allowed in or around the pool.
  11. NO GLASS containers or breakable objects (like ceramic bowls) of any kind are allowed on pool property. The Club will not be held liable or responsible for any monetary fees, fines, repair costs, business interruption costs, and medical expenses that arise as a result of damage to the pool property, health code violation or interruption of pool service that occurs due to broken glass and will be the sole financial responsibility of the offending member and/or their guest(s).
  12. Any injury occurring on pool property should be reported to the on-duty pool manager or head guard immediately.

Pool toys and flotation devices

  1. Only pool balls made of cloth or sponge may be used in the pool.  Hard balls are not allowed in the pool area.  We reserve the right to confiscate any balls or toys being used in an unsafe or abusive manner.
  2. No pool accessories such as arm floats, masks, fins, kick-boards, floats, etc., will be allowed in the pool except when approved and under strict supervision by pool staff.
  3. Pool noodles are allowed as long as they are used for safe play.
  4. On designated float times, inflatable pool floats are allowed. No more than 2 people per float, no jumping on or off floats, no flipping floats or going under floats, no floats in deep end.

Diving Rules

  1. Diving is permitted only in water at least 5 feet deep.  This is an NC State regulation.
  2. Only one person is allowed on each diving board at a time.
  3. Only one person is allowed on the diving board steps at a time.
  4. One only one bounce or spring is allowed on the diving board.
  5. Hanging or climbing on the end of the boards is not allowed.
  6. Divers shall not dive or jump off the diving board while using a float, float ring, mermaid tail or any other flotation device.
  7. Divers shall enter the board straight off the board, not toward the sides, and shall swim immediately to the side of the pool closest to the diving board.
  8. Swimming near the diving boards is not allowed unless the pool staff has closed the boards.  Please observe any restrictions imposed by the staff regarding swimming in the diving area.
  9. All swimmers are responsible for exhibiting safe and courteous conduct on and around the diving boards. Bullying will not be permitted.
  10. Swimmers using the diving boards must be able to surface and swim to the side or ladder within 15 seconds, without the aide of flotation devices. Lifeguards who determine a swimmer is not safely reaching the side of the pool in 15 seconds may restrict the patron from use of the diving board until such time that the patron can pass the 15 second rule. If two lifeguards on duty concur that a safety issue exists for any reason, they can supersede the 15-second rule and may restrict the patron from use of the diving boards that day.
  11. No back dives, back flips, or gainers are allowed off the side of the pool or diving boards.
  12. Lap swimming will be permitted in the designated lap lane marked by lane ropes during designated times. All other swimmers are reminded to stay out of the lap lane when being used for lap swimming. All swimmers hanging on the lane ropes or interfering with lap swimming in a designated lap lane will be subject to the discipline policy.

Basketball Rules

  1. No dunking. Any action that topples the basketball goal is prohibited.
  2. Any scrums or fights over the ball should be settled by a “jump ball”.
  3. Play close to the basket. Shooting from too far is dangerous and disruptive to other swimmers.

Section F: Children

The minimum age to be admitted to the pool without an adult is 12 years of age.  Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible member age 16 or older.  Unaccompanied minors are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the rules and regulations of the pool. Parents are asked to watch younger children carefully.  A parent or supervising caretaker must be at the side of the pool when children under 6 years of age are swimming.  This is particularly important when children use the diving boards.

Wading Pool aka Toddler Pool

The wading pool is for children 5 years of age and under. Children 6 years of age and older will not be permitted in the wading pool.  Each child using the wading pool must be accompanied by a parent or supervising caretaker who remains inside the wading pool fenced area. Adults with children in the wading pool shall have full responsibility for the safety of their children. Lifeguards will not actively supervise the wading pool except to ensure that it is not being used by children over the age of 5.

Section G: Rest Period / Adult Swim

There will be a 10 minute rest period called at 10 minutes before every hour for all swimmers under 16 years of age. The 10 minute rest period will begin when all swimmers under the age of 16 have left the water completely. It is the responsibility of the individuals in question to submit proof of age to the lifeguards.

Section H: Discipline Procedures

At the first offense, the offender shall be given a verbal warning. If a second offense by the same person should occur, the offender will be required to sit for a period of 15 – 45 minutes. If a third by the same person should occur, the pool manager and the child’s parents (if applicable) will be notified and the offender will be suspended from the pool for the remainder of the day. If an offender is suspended a second time during the season, he/she shall be suspended from the pool for a period of seven days and will be reported to the Board of Directors.

Section I: Guests

ALL GUESTS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED AND SIGNED-IN BY A MEMBER.  When the member who signed in the guest leaves the club then their guest or guests must also leave.  All guests (with the exception of infants age 12 months and under) must pay a guest fee per visit and passes must be pre-purchased to the member account. No guest fees can be purchased at the check-in desk. Guests include toddlers (age 1 year & above), all out-of-town guests, and people saying they do not plan on swimming. Membership households may bring up to 4 guests per day and guest privileges shall not be issued to the same individual more than 2 times per week regardless of the sponsoring member.  (This is to ensure enjoyable use of the facility by its members. For exceptions, email Members under the age of 18 are limited to one guest under the age of 18 unless there is supervision by a member parent (or other guest adult of at least 18 years of age.)  It is the responsibility of the individuals in question to submit proof of age to the pool staff at check-in.

A refund of the guest fee will be made only when the weather or other factors have restricted swimming to less than one hour while the guest is present. Non-members who arrive at the pool attempting to solicit a member to sign them in as a guest will not be tolerated or admitted.

Caregiver Pass: Members have the option of purchasing a Nanny Pass for regular babysitters or caregivers. The holder of the pass can only use CS&T Club property when accompanied by a child member of the account. If an adult member is present the normal guest policy will apply and if, at any time, the club suspects abuse of the Caregiver Pass, the pass will be revoked and no refund will be issued.

Out of Town Guest: If a guest lives outside Guilford County, a longer pass can be purchased. It is for anyone staying in your household that will be visiting the pool more than 10 times or more than 2 times per week. Guests must have a permanent residence outside of Guilford County for this product to apply. If, at any time, the club suspects abuse of the Out of Town Guest Pass, the pass will be revoked and no refund will be issued.

Members involved in childcare who wish to bring non-member children to the pool on a regular basis must request approval from the Board of Directors.

Section J: Inclement Weather

The State of North Carolina and DHHS dictate that the pool must be closed for a minimum 30 minutes from hearing thunder or seeing lightning. This 30-minute clock resets with each occurrence. In the event that there is no lightning or thunder but it is raining so hard that the lifeguards cannot see the pool drains, the pool must also close until such time when sight lines return.

In the event that the above severe weather occurs within 2 hours of scheduled closing our Pool Manager and Head Lifeguards are allowed to close the pool for the remainder of the day at their discretion based on forecast, number of bathers and other factors as they determine. The Pool Manager and Board also reserve the right to close the pool earlier than two hours before if weather forecasts shows elevated severe weather chance for the remainder of the day. We will do our best to notify you on our social media pages when closures occur.