The Cardinal Swim and Tennis Club is now accepting applications for the 2020 season! We are a full MEMBER-OWNED facility.

All members are required to be owners and have either a common or preferred ownership interest in the club. We are organized by a volunteer Board of Directors and member/owners have voting rights for major club decisions.


We are excited to offer 2 membership types: SWIM AND TENNIS or TENNIS ONLY. Both membership types require the purchase of a common ownership share that is a one time fee of $1,000. This is not an initiation fee, but a unit share of the club that can be sold with your home if you were to move, or when the club reaches full capacity, may have the ability to be sold to another member on our waiting list. This also allows you to have voting rights in all major club decisions.

SWIM AND TENNIS | Annual Dues – $900 (plus one-time $1000 ownership share = $1900)

TENNIS ONLY | Annual Dues – $600 (plus one-time $1000 ownership share = $1600)


    A single payment of $1900 for swim and tennis or $1600 for tennis only.
    Spread your $1000 membership fee over two years by agreeing to a two-year membership. 2 Year Commitment = $500 + dues in 2020, $500 + dues in 2021.  New members must be on a monthly draft to be on the two-year plan.

SWIM AND TENNIS = $900 / $75 (Jan-Dec)
TENNIS ONLY = $600 / $50 (Jan-Dec)

If your draft information is submitted prior to the 10th of the month, your 2020 dues and common unit can be divided into equal monthly payments for the remainder of the year.  Next year, your remaining balance of common unit (if any) and 2021 dues would be divided over the 12 months of 2021.