Age and weather have taken a toll on the tennis hardcourts leading to buckling and cracks that both negatively affect the quality of member play for tennis and pickleball and create the potential for serious injury during higher level tennis play. Over the past year the board has been working to identify the proper solution. 

The board recommends going with option 3, with construction to occur in the fall of 2022. The courts will be lined with 4 pickleball courts, doubling our current capacity! Temporary nets will be made available to play, since the courts are lined on either side of the net.
This option will give us one of the best playing surfaces in the area for the longest amount of time. We have obtained financing of $50k specifically related to the project and also have a $50k credit line with our bank if needed. At this point based on preliminary 2022 budget, we expect to only need minimal financing (if any).
1) Do nothing – Not recommended; Will seriously impact the tennis program and lowers value of the facility. Hardcourts likely unplayable in 2023.
2) Resurfacing ($~30k) – Not recommended; Only a temporary fix (~3 years) that is not guaranteed, i.e. might not last 3 years. This has been done several times in the past.
3) Reconstruction ($100k – $110k) – Recommended; Long-term solution (15+ years). Geosurvey work (performed at request of club) has confirmed the suitability of the underlying soils. Vendor (CourtOne) is outright leader in tennis court replacement (performed NWSHS court reconstruction last year). Independent construction experts consulted have confirmed integrity of proposed approach. The construction estimate can be viewed here.

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