We ask that members do not reserve more than one time slot per day in advance. We want to ensure that all members who want to visit the pool are able to do so.

Yes. Log in and make a new reservation. This will insure we maintain our headcount within guidelines.

Yes. We encourage your to cancel if you are unable to make it. This allows more members to use the pool.

Log back in and click on your reservation time. It will allow you to make changes or cancel the reservation.

Please feel free to bring your own chair (camp style size) and your own hand sanitizer. We intend to have hand sanitizer available at the check-in desk and grill while we can source it. We ask that you use only the provided sanitizing wipes (available at the check-in desk) on the Cardinal chairs that you use.

No, not at this time. Our priority is to allow members access to the pool.

Yes! They are in full swing. Check out the swim team page for more info.

Maybe? Not at this time, as our first priority is to offer a safe swim environment.