*Please note the above guest passes do not apply to tennis at this time. Tennis guest fees are required in cash in the drop box on the tennis deck.


Each guest age 1 year and above must pay a guest fee to use the facility.

    • 1 guest credit = $5
    • 10 guest credits = $45
    • Guests include: All persons age 1 or older, including those who do not plan on swimming
    • Guest privileges shall not be issued to the same individual more than 6 times per season regardless of the sponsoring member
    • If guest lives outside of Guilford County and is visiting more than 6 times, please purchase a Out of Town Pool Guest Pass here


ALL GUESTS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED AND SIGNED-IN BY A MEMBER.  When the member who signed in the guest leaves the club then their guest or guests must also leave.  All guests (with the exception of infants age 12 months and under) must pay a guest fee of $5.00 per visit. This includes toddlers (age 1 year & above), out-of-town guests, and people saying they do not plan on swimming. A refund of the guest fee will be made only when the weather or other factors have restricted swimming to less than one hour while the guest is present.

Guest privileges shall not be issued to the same individual more than 6 times per season regardless of the sponsoring member.  Members involved in childcare who wish to bring non-member children to the pool on a regular basis must request approval from the Board of Directors.  The $5.00 guest fee will be charged for each visit.

Non-members who arrive at the pool attempting to solicit a member to sign them in as a guest will not be tolerated or admitted.

Members under the age of 18 are limited to one guest unless there is supervision by a member parent (or adult of at least 18 years of age). The minimum age to be admitted to the pool without an adult is 12 years of age.  It is the responsibility of the individuals in question to submit proof of age to the pool staff at check-in.  Non-member babysitters count as guests and must pay the normal guest fee or have a nanny / caregiver pass.

Nanny / Caregiver Pass:  Members have the option of purchasing a Nanny Pass for regular babysitters or caregivers. The Nanny Pass costs $75 and the holder of the pass can only use CS&T Club property when accompanied by a child member of the account. If an adult member is present the normal guest policy will apply and if, at any time, the club suspects abuse of the Nanny Pass, the pass will be revoked and no refund will be issued.

Out of Town Guest: If a guest is from out of town, a longer pass can be purchased here for $75. It is for anyone staying in your household that will be visiting the pool more than 6 times. Guests must have a permanent residence outside of Guilford County for this product to apply. Pass must be purchased 24 hours before you intend to use the pool to allow for processing.